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Coral Calcium USP Powder

USP Coral Minerals of fossilized Finger Corals


Our Coral Calcium USP Powder comes from a high purity Coral Reef of fossilized Finger Corals in the Carribeans. Its superior purity and performance distinguish it from competitive products. Our Coral Calcium USP Powder is rich in calcium. It is 40% elemental calcium. It takes only 1 gram of our Coral Calcium USP Powder to add 400 milligrams of elemental calcium to your product. Our product provides nature's finest source of bio-available calcium along with 76 vital trace minerals. Every one of these minerals is similar in proportions to those found in the human body.

 Our Coral Calcium USP Powder contains less than 125 parts per billion of lead, and meets the requirements of California Proposition 65.

 Our Coral Calcium Powder USP grade product meets and exceeds the requirements for Calcium Carbonate of the United States Pharmacopeia, Food Chemicals Codex, Japanese Pharmacopoeia, and European Pharmacopoeia. As Calcium Carbonate, this product is recognized as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the FDA (21CFR 184.1191) with no limitations other than good manufacturing practices. This makes Our Coral Calcium Powder suitable for both direct and indirect food applications.

 Our Coral Calcium Powder USP is manufactured with natural and high quality standards, certified to ISO 9001 standards.

 Our Coral Calcium Powder is derived from very low lead Reef Coral Minerals. Its physical properties are that of rhombohedral particles of medium oil absorption, very mild abrasion and a high surface area. 90.0% (by number) of its particles are less than 1.3 microns. 99.9% (by number) of its particles are less than 7.7 microns. It contains a high density of very fine and medium fine powder.



Our Coral Calcium Powder is specifically tailored to meet the challenging applications and requirements of the Pharmaceutical and Nutritional supplement industries. With our product, your formulators can develop antacids and chewable supplement tablets of better texture and palatability, due to its superior sensory performance. For larger or chewable tablets, our Coral Calcium Powder is best. Due to its superior characteristics, it minimizes the effect on taste. It is ideal for use as a masticating agent in chewing gums, as a carrier/additive in foods, beverages, liquid supplements, effervescent, chewable and swallowed tablets, toothpastes and many other items.




Coral Calcium Powder



Typical Physical Properties
Crystal habit Calcite
Particle Shape Rhombohedral
Particle Size, median, microns (by volume) 6.3
Particle Size, mode, microns (by volume) 6.6
Surface Area, meters 3.8
Oil Absorption, g. oil/100 grams 3.3
Tapped Density, grams 1.16
Bulk Density, grams 0.58
Specific Gravity 2.72
pH 9.7
Moisture, % 0.2
Dry Brightness, Hunter (Gr value) 92.5
Lead, parts per billion < 125
Solubility, in water, pH 7 insoluble
Solubility, in acid soluble



Calcium Carbonate, % > 98.5 > 99
Elemental Calcium, % > 40 > 40
Loss on Drying, % < 1.0 < 1.0
Magnesium and Alkali Salts, % < 0.5 < 0.5
Acid insolubles, % < 0.2 < 0.2
Lead, ppm < 3 < 0.125
Arsenic, ppm < 3 < 0.2
Fluoride, % < 0.005 < 0.002
Barium Pass Pass
Iron, % < 0.1 < 0.01
Mercury, ppm < 0.5 < 0.05
Heavy Metals, % < 0.002 < 0.002
Chlorides, ppm < 330 < 35
Sulfites, % < 0.25 < 0.25
Total Yeasts and Molds, CFU/g 3.0 x 102 3.0 x 102
Total Aerobic Microbial Counts, CFU/g 3.0 x 103 3.0 x 103

Our Coral Calcium Powder also meets the requirements for use under Polish, Russian, and EU Pharmacopoeiae.     



Cadmium ppm                           


Copper ppm                               

Chromium ppm                                                          

Barium u g/g                             

Crystal Silica %                                                         

Magnesium %         

 < 0.02 

< 0.10

 < 50.0 

< 2.0

< 0.01

< 20.0

< 0.01



Mesh Sizes: Our Coral Calcium Powder is available in standard mesh sizes of 200, 325, and 500 mesh. Smaller mesh sizes available at an additional charge. This product can be manufactured to as fine as 1250 mesh (10 microns).

We can also offer this product in DC (Directly compressible)/granular form, with no additives.

Packaging: Our Coral Calcium Powder is packaged in 50 lb kraft paper bags. The standard shipping unit is a 48" x 40" GMA, 4-way pallet of 50 bags, a total of 2,500 lbs. Pallets include slip sheets and shrink-wrap. Minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 8 pallets (20,000 lbs).                                 

NOTE: While the data and/or suggestions contained herein are based on information believed to be reliable, the seller makes no representations or warranties of any kind other than that the product conforms to the current specifications. All products are sold on the condition that purchasers determine for themselves, whether suggested formulations, sample products or procedures are suitable for their own purposes. The formulations, examples and use recommendations as may be described herein should not be construed as permission to violate any patent or as a warranty of non-infringement of any patent.

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