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Here are some Specials we currently offer. If you do not see what you are looking for, please give us a call and we will do our best to meet your needs. We strive to be your best source for bulk raw materials, nutraceuticals, fine chemicals and ingredients.


Coenzyme Q10, CoQ10, Co Q10 (Ubidecarenone, Ubiquinone) We are pleased to offer the ever elusive CoQ10. We can offer Japanese material in original packaging, with original labels and original Certificates of Analysis. Brand names can be: Mitsubishi, Nisshin, Asahi or Kaneka. We can also, on occasion, offer Korean and/or Chinese Coenzyme Q10. All Co Q10 offers are subject to availability.

Please call for specifications, pricing and availability.


Coral Calcium USP - Our Coral Calcium USP Powder comes from a high purity Coral Reef of fossilized finger corals. Its superior purity and performance distinguish it from competitive products. Our Coral Calcium Powder is rich in calcium. It is 40% elemental calcium. It takes only 1 gram of our Coral Calcium Powder to add 400 milligrams of elemental calcium to your product. Our Coral Calcium USP Powder provides nature's finest source of bio-available calcium along with 76 vital trace minerals. Every one of these minerals is similar in proportions to those found in the human body.

Click here for more information and Specifications on our Coral Calcium USP.

And please email us for our VERY competitive prices.


Fruit and Vegetable Powders  Available in a large variety of bulk, dried fruit powders and vegetable powders: Conventional or certified organic, Drum-dried, spray-dried or freeze-Dried, Common or rare, Domestic or foreign. All are beautiful quality products, many at very competitive prices. Most are also available in tea cut and extract forms.

Click here to go to our Fruits and Vegetables page for more in-depth information.

Please call for specifications, samples, pricing.


Grapefruit Powder from Whole, Organic grapefruit  Our South American Certified Organic Whole Grapefruit Powder is a much sought-after product for the increasingly popular Grapefruit diet. Geographically well-situated, our crops remain unaffected by this year's (2004) hurricanes. As such, we offer a beautiful, quality powder made from the mashed pulp (includes skin, pith, seeds, juice) of whole organic grapefruits. The pulp is vacuum-dried at very low temperatures ( 88 F), resulting in a very potent, enzymatically active end-product. Presently, we can supply up to 20 tons per 6-8 weeks of this product. Smaller quantities also available, of course: Min. order: 500 kgs.

Please call for competitive pricing, specificatioins and data on this superb product.


Hyaluronic Acid Grades available: Pharmaceutical, Nutritional and Cosmetic grades - Our best Hyaluronic Acid is non-GMO, made through natural fermentation in an ISO/CGMP certified plant. It is All Natural, non animal-derived. Thus, no concerns about avian viruses. This is a biotech product. May be labelled as vegetarian.

Click here for Specifications of various grades of Hyaluronic Acid available.

We can also offer Hyaluronic Acid derived from other sources, such as rooster comb, human umbilical cord or other.

Please call for competitive pricing on this very fine product.


Jojoba Oil - Golden - Other Jojoba Products - Absolutely great pricing on Golden Jojoba Oil! Made in USA product. Top quality. Cold-pressed from the Jojoba seed. Contains a minimum of 97% liquid wax esters. Filtered for purity and freshly packed into 55 gallon new steel drums. Nitrogen flushed to maintain freshness. Also available in certified organic or refined and deodorized. Minimum order: 55 gallon drum (396 Lbs net). Also available: Jojoba Beads (various colors), hydrogenated Jojoba oil. Ask about our Jojoba proteins.

Please call for specifications, samples, pricing.


Lecithin (Non-GMO)  Ongoing quantities of liquid, powder and granular Lecithin available. Tested negative by DNA method of GMO screening. Kosher certified. Available in bulk quantities. US products - not ADM.

Please call for specifications, samples, pricing.


Lo Han Fruit Extract Momordica grosvenori - We can now offer Lohan Fruit Powdered Extract. Our product is a 100:1 extract, containing a minimum of 80% Mogrosides. This is a wonderful, low-glycemic natural sweetener and, as such, does not raise insulin levels. Our fresh Lo Han Fruit concentrate has the wonderful sweetness of sugar without any bitter after-taste. This product can be labelled "zero calorie" . Lo Han Fruit Extract is suitable for use in beverages, diet products, sports bars and even baked goods. The sweet flavor remains stable even when subjected to the high temperatures of cooking or baking. Excellent for use in diet products for weight loss or diabetes.

Please call for more information.


 Noni Fruit Powder, Liquid, Extract, Paste, Juice   (Morinda Citrifolia). We can supply ongoing quantities of very fine quality Noni Fruit products at exceptionally low prices. Products available from Hawaii, Fiji, Samoa, etc. Our Noni paste concentrate has been expertly refined and has an unusually pleasant taste.

Please call for more information regarding your individual needs.


Noni Juice Morinda Citrifolia - Beautiful 100% pure, Noni Juice made from first-quality, freshly harvested fruit. Aged for a minimum of 65 days to enhance enzymatic action and potency. Fresh Noni Juice also available. Sold in bulk quantities, warehoused in California.

Please call for specifications, samples, pricing.


Northern White Kidney Bean Extract Phaseolus Vulgaris - Fast becoming one of the hottest new diet products on the market. A starch blocker - this product is derived from the extract of the Northern White Kidney Bean. It has the ability to inhibit Alpha-amylase, an enzyme which is needed by starch to transform itself into glucose. Consequently, the starch is excreted, so there is no new glycogen to convert to fat.

Please call for specifications, samples, pricing.


Vanilla Beans, Whole Vanilla planifolia or Vanilla tahitensis Origin: Papua, New Guinea with organic certification pending shortly. Grades A, B, C, D. Moisture contents 27%-30%, Vanillin 1.8%-2%. lengthwise, A = 16cm +, B = 14-15cm, C = 13-14cm, D = 12cm and below. We can also supply split and very short beans for extraction. Can supply up to 5,000 kgs per month. Very nice product at excellent, competitive prices.

Please call for pricing and any further information. F.O.B. East or West Coast, U.S.A.


Vegetable Protein Concentrate  (Pea Protein Concentrate) 85% minimum protein content. A natural protein fraction of yellow peas with a low level of denaturation and very high solubility. Has excellent functionality for emulsification, as well as water and fat binding properties, foaming characteristics and gel-forming properties. Neutral flavor, color and odor. Non-GMO vegetable protein powder. Kosher certified.

Click here to view Typical Analysis and Amino Acid profile.

Please call for our competitive pricing.  F.O.B. East or West Coast, U.S.A.


Vitamin D3  (Cholecalciferol) This product is used in premixes and applications where water dispersibility is desired. Our product is USP grade, very high quality, and contains 40,300,000 IU/gram of vitamin D by HPLC.

Click here to go to our Vitamin D3 page for more in-depth information.

Please call for our Specifications and very competitive pricing.


Vitamin K2  (Menatetrenone, Menaquinone, MK-4, MK-9) We have consistent availability on high quality vitamin K2 in these two forms. Vitamin K2 aids in binding certain proteins to calcium. It is also involved in the movement of other proteins transporting calcium. In Japan, K2 is being used to treat osteoporosis.

Click here to go to our Vitamin K2 page for more in-depth information.

Please call for specifications and our competitive prices.




On all the above products, Please call for pricing . Also, please call or E-Mail for further information such as specifications, certificates of analysis, lead times, terms, samples, etc.

All offers subject to availability and/or change without notice.


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