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Agave Nectar (Syrup) Agave Concentrates - Certified Organic.  
Our Agave Nectar is a sweetener (100 % Natural Fructose) extracted from Agave plant varieties Tequilana Weber, Americana and Atrovirens. It is a Natural High Fructose concentrate obtained by natural physical processes of extraction and purification of agave extract juice under strict quality control conditions; as a result we obtain a pure agave juice concentrate which keeps the functional properties inherent to this species. Light concentrate and dark concentrate are both available.

Flax Seed, Organic
Golden or Brown organic flax seeds, from Midwestern United States. A seasonal product. Call for availability and pricing.

Fruit, Dried
Whole, sliced or bits. Organic or Conventional. Cherries which are apple juice infused or sugar infused; Cranberries infused with glycerin; Blueberries (infused), Apples and more. Please ask about availability of varieties.

Fruit Juice Concentrates
Blueberry, Cherry and Cranberry

Fruit and Vegetable Powders  
Available in a large variety of bulk, dried fruit powders and vegetable powders: Conventional or certified organic, Drum-dried, spray-dried or freeze-dried, Common or rare, Domestic or foreign. All are beautiful quality products, many at very competitive prices. Most are also available in tea cut and extract forms.

Hyaluronic Acid / Sodium Hyaluronate
Grades available: Pharmaceutical, Ocular, Nutritional and Cosmetic grades - Our best Hyaluronic Acid is non-GMO, made through natural fermentation in an ISO/CGMP certified plant. It is All Natural, non animal-derived; thus, no concerns about avian viruses. This is a biotech product. May be labeled as vegetarian. Molecular Weight (MW) can range from 15.0 kDa to 2300 kDa (2.3 Mda), depending on the grade of product chosen.

Jojoba Oil - Golden, and other Jojoba Products
Great pricing on Golden Jojoba Oil! Made in USA product. Top quality. Cold-pressed from the Jojoba seed. Contains a minimum of 97% liquid wax esters. Filtered for purity and freshly packed into 55 gallon new steel drums. Nitrogen flushed to maintain freshness. Also available in certified organic or refined and deodorized. Minimum order: 55 gallon drum (396 Lbs net). Also available: Jojoba Beads (various colors), hydrogenated Jojoba oil. Ask about our Jojoba proteins.

Organic and non-GMO, from various raw material sources. Ongoing quantities of liquid, powder and granular Lecithin available. Tested negative by DNA method of GMO screening. Kosher certified. Available in bulk quantities. US products - not ADM.

Rice Protein
Call for availability, specifications and pricing.

Vanilla Beans
Whole Vanilla planifolia or Vanilla tahitensis Origin: Papua, New Guinea with organic certification pending shortly. Grades A, B, C, D. Moisture contents 27%-30%, Vanillin 1.8%-2%. lengthwise, A = 16cm +, B = 14-15cm, C = 13-14cm, D = 12cm and below. We can also supply split and very short beans for extraction. Can supply up to 5,000 kgs per month. Very nice product at excellent, competitive prices.

Vegetable Protein Concentrate  (Pea Protein Concentrate)
80 to 85% minimum protein content. A natural protein fraction of yellow peas with a low level of denaturation and very high solubility. Has excellent functionality for emulsification, as well as water and fat binding properties, foaming characteristics and gel-forming properties. Neutral flavor, color and odor. Non-GMO vegetable protein powder. Kosher certified.

Vitamin K2  (Menatetrenone, Menaquinone, MK-4, MK-7)
We have consistent availability on high quality vitamin K2 in these two forms. Vitamin K2 aids in binding certain proteins to calcium. It is also involved in the movement of other proteins transporting calcium. In Japan, K2 is being used to treat osteoporosis. It is commonly used for bone health and cardiovascular product applications.

Whey Protein
Call for availability, specifications and pricing.


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